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x1 of 100 Limited Edition Fine Art Giclee print photographed from a DCC concept & drawing class inspired by the great Thierry Mugler. 


Size: A3

Model: Janet Mayer

Designers: House Of Namaste & Natacha Marro


Subject: Founder and creator Simon Peters is a multi talented designer and artist based in the UK. Having graduated with a fashion degree at LCF in 2015. The designers signature approach for experimental architectural shapes are abstracted against a techno glamour sexuality with bold splashes of colour and texture that come to the fore. From the meticulously chosen materials, to the aerodynamic cuts, accented shoulders and cinched waists, MUGLER fashion shares similar striking designer features and performance based qualities of NAMASTE precise, high-tech and futuristic, with silhouettes like no other!

'Mugler' 2 Mars Washington

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