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x1 of 100 signed Limited Edition Fine Art Giclee print of watercolour Inks created from DCC drawing class'The imperial Collection' by Inga Kovalerova.


NOTE. Original artwork available on request


Size: A4 297 x 21

Model: Janet Mayer

Artist: Kathy Whyte

Designer: Inga Kovalerova


Subject: Inga brings her fascination with Russian culture to the runway. Much like the intricacy of Russian Fabergé eggs, the detailed handwork that goes into creating the garments is something that Inga desires people to take notice of. 'Beautiful dresses are not just created, they are sculpted, like a piece of art,' Inga says. Her collection as moving artwork is visualised through its sophisticated complexity and the sculptural volume of the material.

'Black lace beauty' 1 Kathy Whyte

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